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Wondering where all the loyal customers are?

Your marketing budget is feeling the squeeze, paid channels are delivering less but costing more, and third-party cookies are disappearing faster than the chocolate kind from your office jar. It's time to take a different approach to marketing.


That’s where Mention Me comes in

We believe the world of marketing would be better if every brand thought advocacy-first.
More people would find brands they love, and more brands would sustainably grow through delighting their best customers enough to share them with others.


Turn brand fans into a sustainable growth driver

With a decade of experience in helping 500+ brands harness the power of their fans, we know that referrals are just the tip of the customer advocacy iceberg.

Our platform takes the inherent trustworthiness and relevance of word-of-mouth marketing and empowers brands to harness it for the first time.

As well as acquiring high-quality new customers, we help brands uncover their best customers, increase their lifetime value, and enrich their martech stack with unique first-party data. Driving superior economics and a cycle of sustainable, organic growth that leaves competitors in the dust.


Then there are our Advocacy Experts

Our team knows a thing or two about how to put customer love at the heart of your business — and put it into practice themselves.

From getting technical to executing killer strategies and advising on the psychology of customer advocacy, they’ve got every base covered.

(They’re also pretty fun to be around, if we do say so ourselves.)

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Since 2013, we’ve delivered $2bn in revenue for more than 500 brands

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We believe advocacy-first thinking is the secret to becoming a winning business

Our vision to make every brand think advocacy-first is supported by our fast-growing partner network, including SAP, Emarsys and Trustpilot.
And we're backed by Octopus Ventures and Eight Roads, having raised $32m in Series B funding since 2018 (you can read all about that in TechCrunch).

We’re changing the world of marketing,
one customer advocacy programme at a time

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