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Discover the world's first Customer Advocacy Intelligence Platform

Cutting-edge AI powered tech that identifies, nurtures and activates customer advocates to make you a winning business


Struggling to keep customers coming back?

You're not alone. All too often, brands find themselves trapped in a race to the bottom, offering endless discounts to keep customers returning and spending more. But it doesn't have to be this way. With an advocacy-first approach, you'll turn customers into loyal fans who drive superior economics and prime your business for success – now and in the future.

The Old Way

Relying on heavy discounts and expensive paid marketing channels to drive repeat purchases


The Better Way

Harnessing the power of your fans to drive profitable revenue and sustainable growth


Identify, nurture and activate brand fans across your channels



How it works 


Identify your brand advocates

Discover your brand fans and acquire more like them with AI-powered referral and advocacy intelligence. 

  • Build a blueprint to profile your best brand advocates 
  • Grow your customer marketing database
  • Generate first-party referral data to track advocacy behaviour

Nurture and activate brand fans

Engage brand advocates through targeted CRM campaigns using advanced advocacy insights to enhance customer experience and retention strategies.

  • Improve segmentation and personalisation via marketing automation workflows
  • Increase repeat purchases and extended customer revenue (ECR)
  • Create lookalike audiences for paid social and PPC

Scale your advocacy engine

Re-balance your marketing strategy by earning, rather than buying, growth. Improve customer satisfaction, retention and lifetime value through a continuous cycle of customer advocacy. 

  • Deliver next best actions through predictive advocacy insights
  • Understand the networks and communities of your best advocates to make smarter decisions 
  • Measure earned growth and drive sustainable, organic revenue 

How Brand Alley is harnessing the power of customer advocacy to drive profitable revenue

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HubSpot Video

How Brand Alley is harnessing the power of customer advocacy to drive profitable revenue

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HubSpot Video

“We’ve always known that word-of-mouth is an important marketing channel for building trust among our target consumers, but we hadn’t found a way to track and measure its impact – until now.”

Diane Linxea

Diane Larramendy


“By integrating advocacy data, we’ve changed how we segment and communicate to our customer base. It’s helped us identify who our biggest advocates and most loyal customers are, helping us to overcome rising paid media and acquisition costs.”

David Witts-1

David Witts

Senior CRM Manager, E-Commerce Europe

“Ultimately, leveraging customer advocacy is helping to increase top line revenue and maximize ROI across our marketing mix.”

Harry Symes-Thompson

Harry Symes-Thompson

Marketing Director

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